About Us

The Curators of Memories

Luxury Canvas is an online platform that lets you create customizable canvas prints by transforming your pictures into a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. We blend the centuries old medium of art – canvas, with the latest technology – 10 colour printing, to help you preserve your memories for ever and give your wall an artistic makeover.


To help our customers cherish their memories in an artistic and larger-than-life manner. We look to provide the highest quality canvas printing service available and offer high-end customization services canvas printing solutions in a convenient and timely manner.


To make canvas-based customized art simple and affordable for the masses. Luxury Canvas looks to carve a global niche in the market and expand our product offering to include other products in the printing segment while creating meaningful long term relationships with our customers.

Our Core values



To our partners and to our customers. We believe good customer service is the first step in building a relationship.


We look to bring in the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery to constantly keep innovating.


We look to reignite the passion for art and excellence, especially on canvas, and make it accessible to all.


Creating high quality products that delight our customers and keep them coming back for more.


We always look to tie up with the finest vendors and driven individuals to deliver the best possible products.

The Luxury Canvas Philosophy

Luxury Canvas in its simplest form has the soul of an artist. We look to put our work out there for people to enjoy. We believe art should be accessible and affordable to all. We want to simplify and hasten the process by offering our customers the chance to create their own art by simply choosing an image and letting our high-quality creation mechanism do its magic. By bringing everything together on a simple online platform, we put the control of every aspect directly in our customers’ hands.

The Luxury Canvas Legacy

The founders of Luxury Canvas have a legacy of nearly three decades in the sphere of printing. Over the years, their expertise and experience have helped countless customers with their printing needs and with our newest venture, we look to take this a step further to create outstanding canvas prints that redefine style and elegance, in your home or at your business.